Q. What is the ordering process?

Call Leo at Lutz Cuts or email Leo at leolutzcuts@gmail.com when you know the quantity of meat you would like or with any other questions you may have. When you place an order you will be scheduled onto the next available date. Usual timeline is approximately three to six weeks. Leo will call you prior to processing your purchase for your cutting instructions. When your order is finished, Leo will contact you with your total price and be paid at time of your pick up.

Q. What does a quarter of beef consist of?

A quarter of beef is a 50/50 split between the front and hind quarters. Quarters average to be about 160lbs hanging weight. It will be cut and wrapped the way you want it. With a quarter you will receive steaks, roasts and hamburger. We offer a variety of miscellaneous cuts such as stew meat, soup bone and short ribs if you so choose.

Q. Is beef available year round?

Yes, you can order anytime of the year!

Q. Is your Beef organic?

They are hormone, antibiotic free and are raised on a traditionally grown grain diet.

Q. Do you process other farmers livestock?

Yes, we do process other farmers livestock. It would be processed just the same as if you were to order with us. You would be placed on the calendar the next available date.

Q. Can we buy just steaks?

Not at this time, the nature of our business is mainly selling in bulk. We do not have a retail case and all the meat is preordered.

Q. Do you sell barbecue hogs?

We do not, but we can refer you to a supplier.

Q. Do you process venison?

We do not process any venison or wild game.

Q What forms of payment do you except?

When paying for your order we except cash, checks and credit cards.